Passover - a typical Easter dessert

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Do you know the Passover? A typical Easter cheese dessert, which is very simple to prepare and probably unusual in some households. Fruits in Leśne Skarby syrup are perfect for such a delicacy.

Morels - exclusive mushrooms

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Today we present you the most beautiful (in our opinion) and one of the most exclusive mushrooms which are morels. Do you know them? Under the Leśne Skarby brand, they are available in frozen and dried form.

Powrót do korzeni – Festiwal Pizzy

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Great marinated and with scrambled eggs. Perfect for a thick tagliatelle sauce, perfect for Foccacia -…. Chanterelles! Favorite, aromatic summer mushrooms with a sunny color, which will immediately cheer up any dish. We invite everyone to the forests for mushroom picking :) !!
In 2019, we had the opportunity to participate in the city Christmas Eve in Białystok, the city where our headquarters are located. We are very happy that we can help during such a beautiful holiday and make others happy.
Operation "Improving the competitiveness of the plant as a result of implementing process innovation through the purchase of new machines and devices, as well as the use of renewable energy sources" aimed at introducing new production processes into the plant and counteracting climate change,

Chefs Congress

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Recently, the largest meeting of the most respected chefs in the country took place - the Chefs Congress. Of course, we could not miss there with our products and the chef, who is passionate about the kitchen, and on this occasion he gave a culinary show in the form of risotto with boletus and fried red pine mushrooms.
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