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In polish kitchen dried mushrooms always rule at Chistmas and Easter. Every mushroom picker has in his house a few bags of mushrooms which he collected last summer.

But for those who haven't been at forest or haven't collected what they need we reccomend "Forest's Treasures" dried mushrooms. It's hard to imagine the Christmas without real dried mushrooms.

Now we want to introduce you the same known and liked for 25y dried mushrooms but in new packaging - comfortable, open-close bag. It helps to hold them fresh and armoatique in every time you open the bag.

To get one kilo of dried mushrooms, we need even 12 kilos of fresh one. It works conversely too and that is why thanks to water you can get even from 20 g of dried mushrooms a 200 g of ready to use mushrooms, and from 40 g package a 400 g of ready to use mushrooms.