How lid of "Forest's Treasures" jar has been changing:

1989 - the first marinated mashrooms from Białystok, then under the Kasol brand

They appeared in pss społem and "abc" supermarkets.

1992 - in every year the number of our customers is growing in whole Poland. At this time appears "Forest Treasures" brand.

1996 - according to super and hiper markets develop "Forest Treasures" gets into every part of Poland. Since that moment our unique logo appears also on a top of a jar not only on label.

1998 - it's the begining of Fforest's Treasures" jar as a reserved design manufacturing only for ours mushrooms and forest fruits.  Characteristic design - thin in the middle and wider on the top find its place on shop's shelfs in every markets in Poland. What is interesting on the jar there was carving porcini mushroom which was seen from the outside and palpable while touching.

2004 - we have decided to choose a different colours for jams, because of huge interesting in our products. Also we have refreshed a bit our label design and a top of the jar. In this new packaging "Forest Treasure" are available to this days.


2014 - atumn - the same "Forest Treasures" but in new design. Because of 25 years of company egzistance we decided to make a contest for a new look of the most recognizable marinated mushroom jar and forest fruit preserve in Poland. The new jar is similar to an old one but now it is more elegant, solid and simplicity. On place of carved porcini there is a crown over the forest treasure writing now. 

The dried mashrooms are available in our offer from the begining of company.

Ours "Forest Treasures" golden bags now are outstanding, elegance and step out with taste from other ordinary products. 

After 25 years of "Forest Treasures" we have changed even those very polular mashroom bags. 

Clean and classic look of white colour combined with beatiful forest - it's how our mashroom bag look like now. 

It's characteristic sign is an open-close style, what helps to catch full forest aroma inside. Also it has a static bottom what allow to keep it in standing position.


As a first company we starting to distribute frozen mushrooms and forest fruits direct to shops and restaurants. In occasion of 25 years of "Forest Treasures" egzistance on polish market you will see soon new packaging of frozen mushrooms and forest fruits too. 

Like the others this new packaging will be" Podobnie jak przy pozostałych nowych opakowaniach :

Clean and classic look of white colour combined with beatiful forest and picture of its kind on the front side of bag. It has an open-close style, what is helful when storage on your freezer and helps to catch full forest aroma inside.