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Mushroom concentrate is a ready to use base good to soups, souces, and also as a cream to sandwiches. It's a special prepared: chopped, concentrated and flavoured -  mushrooms which were sterilized first. They will help you to make something delicious in very short time.

We  reccomend you concetrates in form below:

  • Mushroom concentrate "Forest" - "Forest treasures" trio: Porcini mushrooms, Boletus Badius and Boletus Leteus mushrooms. Toghtere they give an unique, deep taste and forest aroma.
  • Mushroom concentrate "Yellow Chanterelle" -for those  who like the most characetristic taste of our yellow forest treasures.
  • Mushroom concentrate "Porcini Mushrooms" - for those who use only the best products in their kitchen.
  • Mushroom concentrate "Champignon Mushrooms " -  for those who like more a delicate taste of mushrooms not from forest.