VI Congress of Exporters of the Agri-Food Industry.

VI Congress of Exporters of the Agri-Food Industry.

On March 15, 2018, the 6th Congress of Agricultural and Food Industry Exporters took place.

In 2017, an increase in exports and turnover of Polish agri-food trade was recorded.
The highest revenue was generated by:
dairy products, meat and offal of poultry, fish and preserves, bread, beef, chocolate products, meat products, pork, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, wheat.
"- Polish agri-food export is directed primarily, because in 80%, on European Union markets.It can be seen that Polish exporters are competitive on the common EU market. We also see the need to further diversify the directions of our exports, especially on the markets of Asian countries, We consider Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Egypt, South Africa, Canada, the United States of America and Belarus as particularly promising directions - said Deputy Minister Zarudzki .

Undersecretary of State at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development reminded about projects important for the development of exports, including numerous promotional activities, undertaken, among others, within the framework of the 9 promotion funds.

Traditionally, today's meeting was an opportunity to honor the best exporters. Undersecretary of State Ryszard Zarudzki, in the company of the president of the Association of Polish Exporters Mieczysław Twaroga, handed honorary badges for Agricultural Merit and honorary medals for Meritorious for Export.”

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